Snow Globe Cupcakes

Ilove snow globes. When i see grand collections, a tinge of envy bubbles up; like plastic snowflakes in a whirl. It then turns to a settling calm, because, the last thing i need is another collection. Unless of course we are talking
edible. Like these little darlings. This is an incredibly simple project perfect for your holiday table.

Snow Globe Cupcakes
1 recipe of your favorite cupcake baked and cooled
my favorite
1 recipe of your favorite frosting
1 dozen plastic clear christmas balls
like these


cupcake toppers deer, trees, house in the woods; whatever your fancy
edible glitter in white

using a sharp scissor or craft knife, cut the top off the ornament like so


Wash and dry the “globe” then sprinkle some of the edible glitter in the bottom.  swirl it around.  Most of the glitter will stick, what doesn’t will fall to the cupcake when you invert.  If you want lots of “snow” in the globe, brush a bit of vodka on the inside of the globe, swirl the glitter.  It will stick well, and the vodka will evaporate, eliminating any unwanted moisture. Frost the cupcake as you normally would, place your decorations on top, and carefully invert the globe over the top. Finish with a little bow

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